How Can You Help Unproductive Employees?

By Admin

Employee productivity is essential for any company to be successful. Employers must ensure that employees are productive and that their attitudes, and actions, contribute to the company, as a whole. So what can you do to make you employees productive? Well, read below for some helpful tips!




Training employees properly has a huge effect in their productivity, right from the beginning. Proper training ensures that workers have the correct tools and knowledge to perform their job duties. Sometimes, after the initial hiring, training and start of the work, employee productivity can fall behind. What you need to do is use these tips to increase your employee engagement and productivity, which will lead to them feeling valued, positive and focused on company goals.


The first tip is to give your employees the opportunity to make choices. Employees do not like to work in situations where they are micromanaged and have no control over their day. Employees that have the choice of when and where they work are noted to be more satisfied, therefore, they work more efficiently. A lot of companies offer the flexibility that allows employees to work from home or choose their hours. If this is not something your company can offer then you can do this in a small way by granting your employees the ability to choose how they handle their work tasks and in what order they wish to complete them. Allowing your employees to manage their workload how they see fit, with a more hands-off approach from managers, will lead to an increase in productivity.


Another tip is to make the work matter. With the same way you insert real-life scenarios into training to make them more meaningful to employees, you need to make the actual job meaningful as well. Employees want to feel like they are an integral part of the machine and that their work matters. Offering opportunities for advancement and showing workers how their work is making a difference is a great way to ensure their skill remain sharp and their productivity is high.  And always make sure to recognize employee’s work to make them feel appreciated.


You also, always want to strive for a pleasant work environment. If employees don’t look forward to going to work then they will exhibit a lack of productivity. Having as strong and supportive social circle is what makes a person happy and fulfilled. The opportunity to have that social circle at work makes it an environment you want to be in and enjoy. Make sure to offer opportunities for co-workers to build relationships and socialize. Offering opportunities for collaboration is a great way to encourage office socializing. Having these connections will allow them to enjoy going to work every day, which will lead to increased employee satisfaction and productivity.


Another thing to always be aware of is an employee’s feelings. If they develop negative feelings towards the job or their work then their negativity can affect their work performance. If you, as a manager or boss, see this happening, confront the employee and find out what you can do to make them more satisfied and see if it’s something you can provide. If their behavior doesn’t change, despite your efforts, then maybe it’s time to think about letting them go. However, if there is something you can do to change their outlook from negative to positive, you should do it because it will help them refocus, feel supported and they’ll be able to get back on track.


Finally, keep training relevant and within the job. To keep employees engaged and excited about their work you want to make training relevant to the job. Employers can stay updated on employees’ performance while helping motivate employees to complete their work efficiently.

Unproductive staff can be bad news for any company but hopefully with these tips you can manage your employees, as well as, maximize their satisfaction and productivity!