Motivating Your Employees in Online Training

By Admin

Online training is only effective if employees are receptive to the overall experience of eLearning. Even if you’ve invested resources into the implementation and design, the employees need to be fully engaged and motivated to learn if you want it to be successful. Here are some tips from E-Learning Industry that you can use to motivate your employees in online training, no matter the subject.


1. Emphasize the benefits of the online training session.
They need to be aware of the value and benefits that the training will give them. Highlight the important things they will receive from the course to keep their motivation up and their attention focused on absorbing the key takeaways from the training.
2. Offer them a way to track their progress.
Create periodic quizzes or exams that test their knowledge after every module. This will make them pay attention to the training and give them the ability to track their progress throughout the course.
3. Encourage an online training culture within your company.
Online training needs to be more than a mandatory activity. It needs to be a part of your company’s culture. Employees need to realize the benefits of it professionally and personally. Stress the benefits of the courses and motivate employees to get excited about improving themselves.
4. Give them a variety of opportunities to interactive within the course.
Everyone learns differently. While some prefer to observe and study, others prefer videos and interactive learning. It’s important to provide a wide range of interactive training opportunities to get them actively learning.
5. Set up a reward or incentive program.
One big way to motivate employees is to offer them rewards or an incentive system that allows them to earn credits or points towards something. It gives them an extra boost to complete the training.
6. Develop learning activities focused on group collaboration.
Employees like to collaborate with each other. Getting them to work together is a great way to improve performance and encourage innovation.



Your main goal is to get your employees motivated so they will be excited and inspired to further their knowledge and become active participants in the online training process!