What Makes Up a Good LMS?

By Admin

As we briefly discussed in an earlier blog, an LMS (Learning Management System) is an information system that administers instructor-led courses and keeps track of student progress. In this blog post, we’ll dive a little deeper into LMS’ and the benefits of having a good system for administering your course material.
The eLearning market has increased immensely in the past ten years and it is only growing. With that growth has come some pretty interesting statistics. Studies have indicated that learning occurs 50% faster online than in a classroom and not only does an LMS use 90% less energy than a face-to-face course but it also produces 87% fewer CO2 emissions per student.
Maybe you're thinking about switching your course from a traditional method to an online learning platform? Maybe you're just curious for a little more information? Either way we want to provide you with some good knowledge to keep in your back pocket when thinking about online vs. traditional learning. We'll start with the most important key to creating a successful eLearning course and that's having an awesome LMS. 


Here are some signs that will let you know you are working with a good LMS. First off, they will have a method for assigning and tracking learning and will have management reports that evaluate learning performance. They will also offer online collaboration tools like forums, email and chat options for everyone in the course. Another sign of a great LMS is that is has a flexible structure to allow different user groups to be generated. And probably one of the most important things is that it needs to have a user-friendly interface for course instructors and students.
There are so many benefits to using an LMS rather than having a face-to-face training or course. Not only can students train anywhere, at anytime, but by being online it also allows them to have all of the course information in one convenient, self-paced, environment. It gives students the flexibility to complete courses on their own time, which is a big selling point for learners in today’s busy world.  LMS’ also are the more cost effective option compared to face-to-face courses. Eliminating the hassle and expense of coordinating for in-person training or teaching, by uploading course content for user to access 24/7, saves valuable money.
From greater accessibility to saving significant time and money, there are so many benefits of using a good LMS as opposed to face-to-face learning. In today's high-tech world, online learning is transforming the way we learn and educate. And here at Nuvola Networks, we’re hard at work, continually improving our LMS to offer students and instructors a great platform for education now and for the future.